After 4 years studying at the Grafisch Lyceum Amsterdam I started my first job in 1992 as graphic designer. Untill 1999 I worked at several advertising agencies and design studios, mainly in Amsterdam. This gave me a lot of crucial experience and indispensable knowledge in the field of design, typography and technical knowledge. In August 1999 I decided to continue as independent graphic designer.

I dedicate myself to aesthetics and creativity, always focussing on personal development. I have a strong preference for minimalistic design (“Less is More”), which I try to apply in the way I design.

When it comes to creative solutions it is all about making the difference in a strong conceptual, authentic, and consistent way. As a brand or a company you have to stand out, whether it is a logo, a presentation, or a website.

Graphic design
It is often unestimated how important it is to implement a company’s brand identity as a red thread through all communication tools. Speijk Graphic Design can do this, from design to execution, from business card to corporate presentation – always trying to achieve a surprising and satisfying result.

Mostly, the best ideas are the very first ones, roughly sketched on a piece of paper, unaffected and pure. This is an crucial part of the design process. The next step is the digital translation of the design. Aesthetic factors such as colors and fonts will be determined in this phase.

‘It is all about making the
difference in a strong conceptual,
authentic, and consistent way.’

Unlike art, graphic design is not just a matter of being creative. Usually graphic design is used for commercial purposes, or to develop the corporate identity of a company. That is why it is crucial to respect and understand the norms, values and goals of a brand.